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School Counseling

Mrs. Rachel Lemmon, School Counselor
Martinsburg Elementary School utilizes the Second Step program for classroom lessons as well as a Bullying Prevention Unit. We focus on how to be successful learners, emotional regulation, problem-solving, and getting along with others through respect, empathy, and compassion.

Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

Purpose:  Elementary Student Assistance Programs (ESAP) were designed to aid school personnel in identifying and assisting elementary students who may be experiencing problems which may affect academics or behavior at school.  At times, these problems may be related to mental health concerns, family issues, depression, or discipline issues.   The ESAP team utilizes a systematic process, along with specially trained school personnel, to intervene, and refer these students to appropriate in-school and/or community services.
Q.  How does ESAP work?
A.  The core of the program is a professionally trained school staff, a mental health liaison, and counselors from the Home Nursing Agency and Blair Family Solutions.  Student participation in the program is usually voluntary and is meant to be a support service for all students.  All information regarding a student’s involvement in the program is confidential and maintained for the best interest of the student.
Q.  Why are students referred to ESAP?
A.  Students are referred for different reasons, like:
  • exhibiting signs of mental health problems
  • serious behavioral concerns
  • drop in school performance
  • family issues with drugs and alcohol
  • family loss issues: divorce, separation, death of a loved one

Q.  Who can refer a student to ESAP?
A.  Student referrals can be made by:
  • school personnel
  • parents or guardian
  • friends
  • themselves
  • outside agencies

The ESAP team recognizes the importance of the parent’s role in the child’s well-being and success.  With the exception of emergencies, parental notification and permission is required before any services are initiated.

During the process, parents will be asked to:
  • return a signed permission form (which permits the liaison to conduct an assessment)
  • complete a parental assessment 
  • follow through promptly with recommendations from the school and/or agency staff 

To make a referral, please contact one of the following people:

Mrs. Melissa Benfer, Speech and Language

Mrs. Jann Dalansky, Classroom Teacher

Ms. Cheyenne Dickson, Principal

Mrs. Tammy Frazier, Learning Support

Mrs. Erin Hayer, Classroom Teacher

Mr. Willie Kitt, Classroom Teacher

Dr. Stacy Lantz, School Psychologist 

Mrs. Rachel Lemmon-Griffiths, School Counselor

Mrs. Jessica Young, School Nurse